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Transaction Advisory

transactional advisoryIf you’re a business owner or part of a management team, you know the significant benefits of the acquisition process but often worry about the challenges and risks. The process can be stressful, worrisome, and complex. International Tax Practitioners has extensive experience helping companies successfully close deals. Our professionals will help you weigh the risk vs. reward for the most intelligent and informed decision.

International Tax Practitioners offers a full range of due diligence, acquisition integrations, and other transactional advisory services. Our extensive global network can advise you on international deals while making sure you get the best customer service. With our strong industry expertise, commitment to excellence, and accurate methodologies, we can ensure you make the right choices in your transaction. We help you create value, manage risk, and seize opportunities to unlock your potential for growth.

Transactional Advisory Services we Provide Includes

  • Financial and tax due diligence
  • Pre-sale due diligence both buy-side and sell-side
  • Due diligence that covers information technology
  • Due diligence that covers Human Resources