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International Tax Practitioners

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Services for Advisors

international tax adviceAs an advisor, you may have clients that need specialized legal and tax advice but your team is not equipped to deliver this type of direction. International Tax Practitioners is ready and able to assist you. We can be your reliable resource for guidance and advice from international corporate tax experts and indirect tax (GST, PST, VAT, Sales tax, etc.) advisors and international corporate tax experts. Our members are knowledgeable on a broad spectrum of international corporate income tax and international indirect tax issues and are located throughout the world, so we're fully qualified to provide high-level support to you and your clients. Our valuable direction and insights will help your clients minimize tax implications and to help you maintain client relationships.

When you turn to us for assistance, we will customize our services to meet the needs of your unique situation. We can work alongside you behind the scenes or we can work directly with your clients, the choice is yours. No matter what you and your clients require, our services for advisors are designed to be economical because you only pay for the specific services you need.

Our services for advisors include:

  • Targeted tax advice from international tax professionals
  • Assistance from indirect tax (GST, PST, VAT, Sales tax, etc.) advisors from across the globe